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MRWA Industry Member

Vessco, Inc.

8217 Upland Circle
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Phone: 952-941-2678
Fax: 952-941-0796
Web site:
Dick Corbett  -  E-mail:
Brian DeWolf - E-mail:
Jon Harger - E-mail:
Pete Svebakken - E-mail:
Terry Schiro - E-mail:
Clark Corbett - E-mail:
Cory Sonner - E-mail:
Chad Beltrand - E-mail:
Jeremy Bakke - E-mail:

Iowa Office
414 South 17th Street, Suite 101
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-233-8599
Fax: 515-233-8602
Contact: Jon Harger

VESSCO INC. - Vessco’s key manufacturing partners:


Aerzen                                             Positive Displacement/Turbo Blower Packages
Aerzen Turbo                                   Turbo Blowers
Alfa Laval*                                       Decanter Centrifuges, Spiral Heat Exchangers
American Sigma                               Sampling Equipment
Amiad Filtration                                Water Reuse & Utility Water Filtration
Andritz                                             Recessed Chamber Filter Press’s
Applied Filter Technology                   Biogas Scrubbers and Siloxane Removal
Ashbrook                                          Belt Filter Presses/Gravity Belt Thickeners
Brentwood*                                      Trickling Filter Media, Tube Settlers, Non-Metallic Chain & Scrapers
Continental                                       Centrifugal Blowers
Custom Conveyor                               Belt and Screw Conveyors
DeZurik*                                           Plug, Butterfly, Knife Gate Valves
Environmental Dynamics                     Diffused Aeration
Ford Hall                                           Clarifier Weir Cleaning Systems
Tank Connections                               Aluminum Domes and Tanks
Kruger Americas                                High Rate Treatment Systems
NEFCO                                              Density Current Weirs and Baffles
Miex (Orica)                                      TOC/DOC Removal Systems
Monroe Environmental                        Air and Gas Cleaning, Liquid Clarification
Ostara                                              Struvite Conversion to Fertilizer
Parkson*                                          Liquid-Solids Separation Equipment
Penn Valley Pump                              Double Disc Diaphragm Pumps
Philadelphia Gear                               Agitators and Surface Aerators
RDP                                                  Lime Stabilization, Pasteurization & Slaking
Rotork                                               Electric Valve Actuators
Seepex                                              Progressive Cavity Pumps
Evoqua Water Tech. - Memcor             Membrane Filtration
Smith & Loveless*                              Vortex Grit Removal – Package Treatment Plant
Tracom                                              FRP Flumes, Metering Manholes and Buildings
Varec*                                               Digester Gas Safety Equipment
Vogelsang*                                        Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Pumps
WaterMark                                         Filter Press
Wemco Pump*                                   Vortex & Screw Centrifugal Pumps
WesTech - General Filter Co.               Filtration Systems
WesTech                                           Sequencing Batch Reactors & Jet Aeration
WesTech                                           Membrane Filtration
WesTech                                           Membrane Bioreactor Systems
WesTech - Microfloc                           Surface Water Treatment

Wilo-EMU                                           Submersible Pumps & Mixers
WSG & Solutions                                Headworks & Stormwater Systems
Xylem - Wedeco                                 Ultraviolet and Ozone Disinfection
Xylem - Leopold                                  Filter Underdrains & DAF’S


ChlorTainer                                             Chlorine Cylinder Containment
Constant Chlor Plus                                  Tablet Calcium Hypochlorite Feeders
Enpro                                                      Bulk Chemical Handling
Evoqua Water Tech. - Wallace & Tiernan   Gaseous Phase Chemical Feed Systems
Force Flow                                              Chemical Scales
Design Tank                                            Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Parkson- Miox*                                        On-Site mixed oxidant Generators
Seepex                                                   Progressive Cavity Metering Pumps
Poly Processing                                        High Density X-Linked Polyethylene Tanks
Prominent                                                Hydraulic & Mechanical Metering Pumps
Prominent                                                Solenoid Metering Pumps
Prominent                                                Polymer Feed
Prominent                                                Chlorine Controllers
PSI-Microchlor                                          On-Site Chlorine Generators
RDP                                                         True Batch Lime Slaking
Robo Valve/JCS                                        Chlorine Cylinder Shut-off Safety Valves
Robo Valve/JCS                                        Induction (Vacuum) Liquid Chemical Feed
Tomco                                                     Carbon Dioxide & Ammonia Feed Systems
UGSI - Stranco                                          Polymer Feed Systems
UGSI - Strantrol                                        Chlorination/Dechlorination Controllers
Integrity - Wallace & Tiernan                      Dry Chemical Feed Systems
Watson-Marlow-Bredel                               Peristaltic Tube & Hose Pumps


APCO                                                         Air, Check, Surge Relief Valves
DeZurik*                                                    Plug, Butterfly, Knife Gate Valves
Hilton                                                         Fabricated & Custom Knife Gate Valves
Kinetrol                                                      Vane-Type Rotary Pneumatic Actuator
Rotork                                                        Electric Valve Actuators
Singer                                                        Pressure Sustaining and Flow Control Valves
Waterman                                                  Sluice, Fabricated, Slide, Line, Flap, & Canal Gates

Willamette                                                  Ball & Cone Valves                                 

* Not represented in Iowa and Nebraska


Area served: Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and western Wisconsin.


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