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Wastewater Resources

Wastewater Resources are listed below in order to help wastewater systems and their wastewater operations specialists in Minnesota provide proper wastewater treatment  to rural areas, increase their operational and management knowledge, increase public awareness of wasetwater quality, and to increase the professionalism of system personnel.

Wastewater System Related Rules
*Minnesota Rules: Chapter 7001: Permits and Certifications
*Wastewater Certification Rule: Chapter 9400
*Taking Animals Causing Damage

Vaccinations and Testing Links:
Vaccinations and Infectious Disease Testing Coverage - LMC Link

Wastewater System Operations Specialist Certification Links
*MPCA Wastewater Exam Application Form
*MPCA Wastewater Exam Requirements
*MPCA Frequently Asked Questions on Certification
*MPCA Need To Know for Exams
*MPCA Book Order Form for Suggested Study Material -  2015 Form
*MPCA Contract Operator Guidelines
*Spray Irrigation and BioSolids MPCA Exam Elgibility - posted with permission from MPCA

Wastewater System Operations Specialist Training Links
*MRWA Training Calendar (includes training offered from other agencies)
*Water System Operations Specialist Training Record form
*Board Member Guidance Manual - pdf download (large file size, right click and choose
     'save target as' to download to your computer)

*Water and Wastewater System Checklist

Wastewater System Operations Specialist Needs:

Inflow & Infiltration Ordinance - LMC Link
pdfEPA Link: Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance checklist
Sanitary Sewer System Assessment - LMC Link

*eDMR Quick Reference Guide - PDF - MPCA Link
Downloads for Attachments to eDMR's and Supplemental Forms - MPCA Link
*pdfTrace Wire Specification Guide & Details
*Math Formula Conversion Sheet
*MPCA Wastewater Needs
*MRWA Pump Calibration Worksheet
*Sewer Toolkit: A guide for sanitary sewer guildelines and procedures - LMC Link
*Manhole Inspection Form
*MPCA's NPDES Manual - download
*EPA's Office of Wastewater Management
*Sample Municipal Ordinances
*Sample Public Notices
*Sample Municipal Personnel Policies
*Sample Municipal Job Descriptions
*LMC Link:  Securing Payment of Utility Charges

Wastewater Calculation Spreadsheets - download these interactive worksheets,
         courtesy of MPCA
All Excel spreadsheets were developed by MPCA Training & Certification Unit -
       December 2009
Spreadsheet Instruction Sheet - for files listed below
*Pond Discharge Calculation Worksheet
*Dilution Ratio Calculation Worksheet
*Geometric Mean Worksheet - Fecal Coliform
*Pump Calibration Worksheet - Circular Wet Wells
*Pump Calibration Worksheet - Rectangular Wet Wells
*Pump Readings in Minutes - Independent Third Meter
*Pump Readings in Hours - Independent Third Meter
Pump Readings in Minutes - When a Third Meter Runs With the Other Two
Pump Readings in Hours - When a Third Meter Runs With the Other Two
Water Balance Worksheet - 2 Cell
Water Balance Worksheet - 3 Cell

Wastewater Rate Analysis Sheet:

*Wastewater Rate Analysis Spreadsheet - calculate your water and/or wastewater rates
with our Excel spreadsheet

Drinking Water Concerns Links:

*Ensuring a Sustainable Future: An Energy Management Guidebook for Wastewater and
Water Utilities - EPA Download

Minnesota's Water/Wastewater Emergency Response Network

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