MRWA Micro Loan Financing Program

Finance Your Next Small Project With MRWA’s Micro Loan Program.

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The objective of Minnesota Rural Water Association’s Micro Loan Program is to help members finance small projects at the lowest possible cost. For more information call Lori Blair, Executive Director at 800-367-6792 or David Drown Associates at 612-920-3320.
David Drown Associates is the financial advisor and servicer for the program.

 Application Form   |   Standard Bond Counsel Services  |  Standard Agreement & Engagement Letter  |  Standard Pay Agreement

Program Specifics:

  • Loans from $30,000 to $250,000 repaid in seven years or less;
  • Loans structured as single G.O. Note;
  • Tax-exempt, bank qualified, and all loans placed with one bank;
  • Loans with terms of two years or less can be prepaid at any time at par; and
  • Loans with terms over two year must pay a call premium of 0.5% if prepaid in the first two years;

Benefits for Borrowers:

  • Simple;
  • Quick;
  • Competitive interest rates; and
  • Low, fixed costs.