A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

4800 Chavenelle Road
Dubuque, IA  52002
Phone:  563-583-7311
Toll-Free: 800-292-2737
Web site:  www.aymcdonald.com
E-mail: sales@aymcdonald.com

Territory Managers
Contact: Royce Van Roekel
1634 Possum Way
New Richmond, WI 54017
Phone:  563-213-6136
E-mail: rvanroekel@aymcdonald.com

Contact: Tyler Smith
798 W Sanborn Street
Parker, SD 57053
Phone: 605-216-4787
Email: TMSmith@aymcdonald.com

Water Service Products: Corporation stops, saddles, stainless steel saddles and repair clamps, branches, curb stops, curb boxes, telescoping curb boxes, service fittings, meter valves, meter couplings, copper meter setters, copper meter insetters, pitsetters, coil pit setters, adjustable coil pit setters, copper meter resetters, iron yokes, and dual check backflow valves.
Pumps:  submersible, jet, booster, sump, effluent, sewage, grinder, centrifugal, dewatering, trash, diaphragm, and special use.
Plumbing Valves:  brass, bronze, and PVC-ball, gate, stop, check, bronze and stainless threaded fittings, nipples, insert fittings, and all stainless steel hose clamps.

Area Served:  Minnesota, North and South Dakota, northern Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.