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The SolarBee® is a solar powered, floating circulator with flow rates as high as 10,000 gallons per minute. In wastewater ponds it is used to solve problems of odor, excess algae, BOD, TSS, N, Phosphorous, and sludge reduction. It supplies the mixing requirements in sewage ponds and because it is solar powered can significantly reduce aeration energy requirements. In potable water storage tanks it is used for ice control. In potable water reservoirs and tanks it eliminates stagnation, reduces water age, minimize chlorine residual loss and reduces taste and odor problems. A chlorine pumping system is available to dispense and disperse chlorine with the SolarBee® mixer. In fresh water lakes it is used to prevent blue green algae blooms and inorganic chemical release from sediment. In the process it improves water clarity, increases D.O. and improves fisheries. Web: www.solarbee.com