Johnson Jet-Line, Inc.

7505 County Road 103 SW
Kensington, MN  56343
Phone: 320-965-2374
Fax: 320-965-2309
Contact: Chase Johnson
Chase’s Cell: 320-290-5764

City Sewer Mainline Cleaning

*Jetter / Vacuum Specs
-Vacuum Debris (1200 Gallons)
-Vertical Vacuum cleaning
-800ft distance from access point
-Sanitary sewer cleaning diameter 4″ to 48″
-Storm sewer cleaning diameter 8″ to 60″
-Culvert cleaning
-Root cutting diameter 6″ to 12″
-Field Tile Cleaning


*Mainline Camera
-Sanitary and storm sewer diameter 8″ to 60″
-Pan 360 degrees, Tilt 270 degrees, and zoom up to 40x
-Digital Color Picture
-Auxiliary Light kit for larger lines
-Big wheel kit for larger lines
-1000ft distance from access point
-Pipetech video inspection software Integrateable to your GIS and City software
-Color inspection reports with still picture images

*Push Camera
-Sanitary lines from 4″ and up.
-Color image
-200ft distance from access point
-Save video on SD card, jump drive, and/or DVD
-Pipetech video inspection software

*Manhole Pole Camera
-Televise and inspect manholes up to 25ft deep
-Written manhole inspection reports
-Pipetech video inspection software

*Line Locating and Tracing

*Mainline sanitary and storm sewer
-Can pinpoint exactly where camera or jetter hose is in the line and locate it
-Save a lot of time and money by locating if you just need to find a manhole or a bend in the pipe
-Locating field tile lines

*Laterals and house service lines
-Can trace the entire camera cable from the access point to the mainline sewer or septic tank.

Members of NASSCO
-All camera operators are PACP certified (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program)

*Will set up maintenance programs.
*Call for prices.