Milbank Winwater Works

102 East 22nd Avenue, PO Box 350
Milbank, SD  57252
Phone: 605-432-4594 or 800-742-2972
Fax: 605-432-5447
Contact: Todd Phillips
Cell: 612-723-5497
 Mueller Water Systems
 Pipe, Valves, and Fittings–PVC, HDPE, Ductile, & Steel
 Pumps–Sump, Sewage, End Suction, Submersible
 Cast Iron Castings–Manhole Frames, Covers, & Storm Inlet
 Geotextile Fabric–Rip Rap & Flood Stabilization
 On-Site Septic Systems
 Radiant Floor Heat–Tubing, Boilers, Pumps, & Controls

 Area Served: Minnesota and South Dakota