PointWatch Systems LLC

9500 Laurlin Court
Vienna, VA  22182
Phone: 320-362-4157
E-mail: eric@pointwatch.com 
Web: www.pointwatch.com
Contact: Eric Larson

PointWatch Systems LLC
6549 Keystone Road
Milaca, MN 56353
Phone: 320-362-4157

Remote Monitoring and Control. 
The PointWatch System is a fully functional remote monitoring and control system designed to integrate multiple sensors, analog or digital, and report them back to the PointWatch online portal for alarm monitoring, processing and/or control. The user can get the results instantaneously, or with built in delays. Notifications to users are processed through text, email and IVR telephone calls. Instantaneous online viewing of graphs and charts are available for both recent and historical data. The communications between the remote gateway (control panel) at the site and the PointWatch cloud-based portal connect over the Internet, using hardwire, Wi-Fi, or cellular. A solar package is available for powering devices when line power is unavailable. Notifications/alerts/alarms are customized by the user. The system can be easily retrofit into existing installations or be installed at time of construction. 

Area served: United States and Canada.