Schwing Bioset Inc.

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Contact: Chuck Wanstrom

Schwing Bioset, Inc. (SBI) is your complete solids handling provider, helping water and wastewater treatment plants by engineering and manufacturing biosolids handling solutions since 1985. Our solutions include dewatering with a high-performance screw press that is available in 17 different model sizes, piston pumps for cake transfer, sliding frames and live bottoms for cake storage, screw conveyors, knife gates, and container wagons.

SBI also provides two Class A technologies. The Bioset process, which is an alkaline stabilization technology that contains dust and odors, is available in mobile as well as permanently installed units. The Bioset process has been approved through the USEPA PFRP process and the State of MN to operate at lower temperatures than noted in the 503 regulations further reducing its already low operating costs. Also offered is Fluid Bed Drying which is a thermally efficient method to produce virtually dust free granular pellets that can use a variety of waste heat sources from within a plant.

Our nutrient removal system recovers Ortho-Phosphate and Ammonia Nitrogen from wastewater while offering benefits to the treatment plant. This controlled struvite formation significantly reduces phosphorus loads within the plant, but also prevents unwanted scaling and accumulations while creating a valuable end product.  

With both Title 22 and NSF 61 certification and over 2,000 installations worldwide, Schwing Bioset is your experienced source for MBR technology in new or retrofit applications. End-free hollow fiber membranes from Schwing Bioset offered in a cartridge design allows for reduced fouling, greater serviceability, and features diffuser bubble containment for more efficient power usage. 

 Area served: North America