Veolia North America

Municipal and Commercial Business Central Region Office
700 E Butterfield Road, Suite 201
Lombard, IL 60148
Joseph Tackett, Senior Vice President
Phone: 630-812-9441

Municipal and Commercial Business Central North Operations
700 E Butterfield Road Suite 201
Lombard, IL 60148
Larry Cook, General Manager
Cell Phone: 763-453-0378
Office Phone: 763-497-3611


Today, water, waste and energy can all be recovered – transforming what is discarded into a valuable resource. Veolia embraces this future by developing access to, preserving and replenishing the world’s resources.

Veolia’s mission is to resource the world, helping our customers address their environmental and sustainability challenges in energy, water and waste. This means improving our clients’ energy efficiency, better managing their water and wastewater, and recovering resources from their wastes. 

We blend skills in operations, engineering and technology with innovative business models, offering a complete range of environmental solutions to meet the challenges of cities, governments, campuses, businesses and industries.

•ENERGY   From managing heating and cooling networks for cities and universities to providing consulting services, we are a leading operator and developer of sustainable, energy efficient solutions.

•WATER   From treating water and wastewater for cities to recovering valuable materials for industry, we are the world’s leading provider of water services and technologies.

•WASTE   From hazardous waste to commercial waste like fluorescent lamps and batteries, we provide responsible waste solutions, emphasizing the recovery of product from waste to help preserve diminishing resources.

At Veolia, we’re more than the world’s leading provider of environmental solutions – we’re dedicated to customized, cost-effective solutions that reflect best practices, environmental protection and a better quality of life.