This site is designed to provide information on the Source Water Protection Program and to provide quick links to additional sources of information that are available. This page was developed in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health. In working with the communities in our state, we hope to increase public awareness of where drinking water comes from, how it can become contaminated, and how planning ahead can help prevent major problems with both supply and quality.

Our goal is to provide educational materials in the form of news releases, fact sheets, brochures, bill stuffers, children’s materials, and others to help communities develop a viable approach to managing one of our most critical resources:  water.

General Wellhead Protection

Wells: Backyard Practices

Wells: Class V Wells

Wells: Unused, Unsealed Wells

Stormwater Management: Residental

Stormwater Management: Commercial

Aggregate Mining

Above Ground Tanks

Hazardous Waste: Household

Hazardous Waste: Industrial

Hazardous Waste: Transportation


Well Management

Ag: Application of Chemicals

Ag: Nutrient Management

Ag: Chemicals Disposal

Ag: Chemicals Handling

Lawn Care Management

Landscaping Around Wells

Leaky Underground Storage Tanks

Ag: Application of Chemicals

CRP FactSheet

Solar Energy Farms in DWSMAs