Minnesota Rural Water Association is in the process of developing a Water and/or Wastewater Apprenticeship Program. Learn about Apprenticeship and watch our videos.

Water and Wastewater Operations Specialists are imperative to your community for access to clean drinking water and to ensure wastewater effluent is returned to the environment properly. Many current operations specialists will be retiring in the next five years, communities will fail to prosper or eventually even exist if replacements aren’t put in place AND properly trained. A growing population and increased demand for water and wastewater treatment services plus an aging workforce will drive employment growth and qualified, certified Operations Systems Specialists will be in high demand.

Why Apprenticeship?

Our nationally recognized training program is being developed in response to the industry’s need to train the next generation of skilled workers and standardize training across the state of Minnesota.  

Apprentice Benefits
Flyer for Apprentices

   *Earn While You Learn
   *Make A Real Difference In The Community
   *Gain Practical Skills You Can Take Anywhere
   *Train Alongside An Experienced Operations Specialist (2 year program)
   *Water / Wastewater systems are required to have a certified water / wastewater operations specialist
   *Stable / Non-fluctuating Industry

Utility Benefits
Flyer for Utilities
  *Proven solution to recruit, train, & retain employees
   *Replace retiring workforce
   *Transfer knowledge from experienced operations specialists to new apprentice
   *2 years of hands-on training alongside an experienced technician
   *Build a relationship with the apprentice
   *Ensure well-rounded, highly trained employee is produced

Other Resources

EPA’s America’s Water Sector Workforce Initiative –
The Initiative lays out a number of actions EPA, other federal agencies, and various water sector partners will be taking in the coming years. It represents a call to action for these stakeholders to come together and collaboratively address the major challenges facing the water workforce sector.

GI Bill Handout – Apprenticeship Minnesota