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Minnesota Department of Health: Noncommunity Drinking Water: Safe Drinking Water Wherever You Go

MDH video commemorating the 40th anniversary of the passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The MDH, Martha Weaver and Erik Thorson (Anoka Co Public Information) have completed the production of the well sealing video – watch it above.

Freddy the Fish teaches kids about what happens to rain after it hits the ground, where storm drains lead to, and what we can do to help prevent water pollution.


How to Switch Gears: Moving from WHP Plan Development to Protecting Your Drinking Water Supply  by Robyn Hoerr

Partner Protection Grants -New Drinking Water Protection Programs  by Aaron Meyer

Farm Bill Funding for Source Water Protection by Scott Hanson

City of Georgetown Recognized for their Source Water Protection Efforts by Mike Strodtman

Best Tasting Water in Minnesota  by Robyn Hoerr

Wellheadlines: Wellhead Protection Action Plans for Non-Municipal Public Water Systems Part 2 – SWP Implementation Grants   by Dave Neiman

The Source Water Protection Award – Recognition So Richly Deserved    by Robyn Hoerr

Soil Health and Water Quality   by Scott Hanson

MRWA Wellheadlines: Wellhead Protection Action Plans
         for Non-Municipal Public Water Systems   by Dave Neiman

MRWA Wellheadlines: MRWA Source Water Educational
         Resources   by Dave Neiman

Wellheadlines: If It Isn’t Documented, It Didn’t Happen!
             by Dave Neiman

Why is Source Water Protection Important?   by Scott Hanson

Measuring Water Levels in Wells   by Mike Strodtman

Minnesota Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
         (MNCREP)  by Aaron Meyer

City of Bigfork – Winner of MRWA’s Water Taste Test Contest
         by Robyn Hoerr

MnDOT Cuts Back Road Salt Use – Link

Action Plans   by Dave Neiman

In A Battle Against Nitrates   by Aaron Meyer

City of Elk River Goes With the Flow and Seals a Flowing
             Artesian Well   by Robyn Hoerr

2016 Sourcewater Long Prairie Award

New Tool to Help Battle Those Dreaded Nitrates 
               by Aaron Meyer

City of Le Center: Winner of the MRWA Water Taste Test 
               by Robyn Hoerr

Conservation Cropland Practices for Protecting Groundwater

Educating the Next Generation  by Mike Strodtman

Minnesota County Well Index   by Dave Neiman

Ghosts of Land Use Practicesby Aaron Meyer

Wellhead Protection Plan Amendments – Are They Worth It?
         by Robyn Hoerr

Cold Spring: More Than Just Beer!check out page 21 on link
         –Cold Spring recognized by EPA for WHP Efforts

Oklee Well Search  by Mike Strodtman

City of Roscoe Well Sealing Project  by Dave Neiman

Providing Groundwater Education to Kids  by Robyn Hoerr

Invest in Your Future: Money Well Spent  by Aaron Meyer

City of Marble Removal of Old Fuel Tanksby Mike Strodtman

Money! Money! Money! by Aaron Meyer

MRWA Wellheadlines How To Create Successby Dave Neiman

WHP Efforts in City of Sturgeon Lakeby Mike Strodtman

WHP Implementation: Finding Some Assistance to Help You
         Make a Difference!  by Robyn Hoerr

Minnesota’s Groundwater: Is Our Use Sustainable?

Planning a Children’s Water Festival

Slides of Source Water / Groundwater Mini-Sessions at MRWA’s 30th Annual Water & Wastewater Technical Conference — download pdfs of presentations below:

    *Benefits of Wellhead Protection to Your Community

    *Where Does Your Groundwater Come From?

    *Alternate Water Supply Contingency Strategy &
      Emergency Response

    *Applying for a SWP Implementation Grant & Other Funding

    *Wellhead Protection Issues Related to Mining Activities

    *Hydrogeology 101