Outreach – Education

Minnesota Rural Water Association’s Source Water Protection Program offers an opportunity for public water supply providers to develop plans to protect the quality of drinking water using local community resources.  MRWA’s Staff Specialists are available to provide information and training for City Councils, Boards, Utility Commissions, other local community leaders and Source Water Protection Team members. 

Technical Assistance

MRWA’s Specialists will help with creation of a local Team and work with team members through a FIVE-STEP PROGRAM, which has been designed to simplify the development of local water quality protection programs. The MRWA FIVE-STEP PROGRAM includes the following action items: 

  • Form a community planning team.
  • Identify the land area to be protected.
  • Identify land uses and possible sources of pollution in the identified area.
  • Implement ways to prevent drinking water contamination.
  • Develop an alternate way to supply water if the public well becomes contaminated.
Information – Data

Program materials, forms, sample documents, training programs and public education items have been developed to assist the local Team put together a Source Water Protection Plan.  Items available for use include sample ordinances, press releases, resolutions, examples of plans from other areas of the state and nation, and workable solutions for addressing local water quality problems. 


Possibly the most important step in development of a local Source Water Protection Plan is implementation of the work items contained within the plan.  MRWA’s Specialists will continue to assist local community team members with on-going support and encouragement to not only start to protect local water quality, but to follow though with a long-term protection program.  Future community members deserve good, safe drinking water.

Continuing Support

MRWA’s other specialized technical assistance programs also offer help and support, in order that communities can continue to provide the best possible service to their water and waste water customers.